Devlogs? Interesting.

Okay so... yeah, devlogs. I don't exactly know how to use them but i'll try. This is a new game I'm doing together with TheOni27 (They are making the characters portraits ;} only that to be honest, the rest of the game is only me) and it is currently a prototype, I'll continue doing it until I finish it (I'll try, don't expect a full project from me, it's about 30% of chance that I continue this, like other projects :eosdlaugh:). I'm not making a website for this game because the last time I did something like that it failed completely. Currently, the only way you can talk to me is through the Discord server for my games (, so I hope you like the early prototype. If you find any bugs, just talk to me.


Pre-Alpha 1.00a (Outdated)
Oct 29, 2017

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yay am happi