Kyodaina Ie 1.05a is out!

Hey, the new version is out, check the changelog here:

-Added some holes and things similar to that in some areas of the game
-Re-made the start room
-You can now save the game, press X and select Save
-Fixed a bug that you could go on top of the wall
-Added some dust to the ground
-Added some things to the blinking light room
-Added some new sprites (that took a long time to make)
-Added game over sound, screen, and event (man I wish i could use copyrighted music :cry:)
-Probably some things I forgot

Not much, but I mainly did this to fix the wall glitch, and for the Halloween. The game development continues apace, again, if you want to contact me, go here:

Thanks for reading. (By the way, I'm probably gonna post a picture of Ashley every once in a while [usually when a big update comes out~])


Pre-Alpha 1.05a (Outdated) 14 MB
Oct 31, 2017

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ded birb found in dark room, also flashlight too dark, send help

i'll think about it :SekiThinki: