A downloadable game for Windows

Lilya is a game which your objective is to escape the house you're trapped in any way possible, made by 1 guy in 4 days.

The game features:
-13 different endings
-Custom Sprites (1?)
-Original Soundtrack
-Original Audio (some)
-Made in RPG Maker VX Ace with only sounds from RTP, the rest isn't from it

Here's a challenge for you: try to get all endings (you're probably gonna have a really hard time to do it).

For any news or other information, or to just talk with people you can visit the game website: http://lilyagame.wordpress.com
Or the Discord server: https://discord.gg/NuN3Pv4


Thanks for playing the game!

Install instructions

Don't worry, you don't need anything at all (neither a good PC) to run the game, just open "Game.exe" and you're good to go. To have save files just extract the game files and you're ready to save the game. If you see any bugs or a recommendations, just send a message on the Discord server (#bug-reporting) and i'll talk to you!


Outdated Version (1.01b)
Current Version (1.05a) 17 MB

Development log

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